TTC is a 100% US-based provider of high-value, white-glove IT solutions with straightforward and reasonable pricing.

When you partner with us, we become your dedicated IT department, providing comprehensive IT support and services as if we were an in-house team.

The IT department plays a crucial role in supporting and maintaining a company’s technology infrastructure and ensuring that it is running smoothly. Some specific responsibilities of an IT department include:

  • Providing help desk support to employees
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting hardware and software issues
  • Managing the company’s network and servers
  • Maintaining on-premise and cloud resources
  • Ensuring the security of the company’s data and systems
  • Implementing and maintaining cybersecurity measures
  • Managing the company’s technology budget and resources
  • Planning and implementing technology updates and upgrades
  • Evaluating and selecting new technology solutions
  • Providing training and resources to help employees use technology effectively

Overall, the goal of an IT department is to provide reliable and efficient technical support and services to the company, enabling employees to do their jobs effectively and helping the company achieve its business objectives.

Partnering with The Tech Consultants Managed IT Services allows your business to access white-glove IT management and support typically reserved for larger organizations, with the added bonus of our personalized service and over 20 years of experience. Our services are offered at a predictable, budget-friendly cost.

Some of the Key Managed IT services we offer include:

Monitoring IT services

Help Desk

TTC offers white-glove IT support and exceptional customer service through our dedicated US-based help desk team. Our team provides efficient and friendly assistance to minimize downtime and disruptions, and implements customized procedures to quickly resolve your IT support requests. With TTC, you’ll never have to speak to an outsourced or offshore technician.
Security Managed Services


“TTC uses enterprise-grade technology and best practices to protect clients from evolving cyber threats such as email phishing, malware, and zero day vulnerabilities. Our systems and staff are trained to proactively monitor and counter threats, ensuring the security of client data, IT environments, and business operations at all times.”

Managed IT On Site Services

On-Site & Remote Service

TTC provides both remote and on-site IT support, dispatching an engineer to your offices when necessary. Unlike other outsourced IT companies, we handle all services ourselves, ensuring consistency and quality in all our services.
Data Continuity Managed Services

Data Protection

TTC prioritizes the protection of your data through the use of enterprise-grade platforms and solutions. Our comprehensive approach covers all aspects of data protection, including regular backups and testing to ensure readiness for disaster recovery.
Cloud Managed Services

Microsoft 365 & Cloud

Our team offers comprehensive support for Microsoft 365, from initial implementation to ongoing optimization, management, and configuration. We manage licensing to ensure you have only the services you require, and continually follow best practices to ensure optimal performance and security for your environment.
Managed IT Technology Roadmapping

Technology Roadmapping

TTC not only offers exceptional support for your current environment, but also helps plan for your technology future. We understand that technology should drive your business forward, not impede it. Our team will guide you through the process of implementing new and emerging technologies that align with your budget and business needs. As your IT department, we will also act as a department leader, providing virtual CIO services.

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