Cloud services can help your
business do more with less.

Enjoy easy scalability and pay-as-you-go computing power.

Trying to forecast hardware needs 5 to 7 years into the future is a difficult endeavor. Learning halfway through the equipment’s lifespan that it is underpowered, or that money was invested in unnecessary hardware solutions can be detrimental. By leveraging cloud computing, growing pains are a thing of the past.

Break free of the expensive cycle of purchasing equipment with cloud services.

Cloud computing offers several benefits over maintaining on-premises equipment, including:

  • Cost savings: Cloud services typically charge on a pay-as-you-go basis, which is more cost-effective than repeatedly purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment in your offices.
  • Scalability: Cloud computing allows for easy scaling up or down of resources as needed, without the need to purchase additional hardware.
  • Flexibility: Cloud services allows your staff to easily and safely access resources and services remotely, whether an employee is in the office, working from home, or at the hotel coffee shop on a business trip.
  • Unlimited Updates: Subscription-based software automatically updates to the latest version. Never again will you have to worry about paying for new versions of costly software.
  • High availability: Cloud providers offer higher levels of uptime and redundancy, which is beneficial for any businesses that need to ensure their resources are always available.
  • Better disaster recovery: Cloud providers offer built-in disaster recovery and backup options, which can be more effective than on-premises solutions.
  • Cost of ownership: Cloud services eliminate all the tertiary costs of ownership. Extended warranties, replacement drives, large battery backup arrays, on-premise data backup, server room cooling, and huge electric bills are things of the past with Cloud.
  • Compliance: Cloud services managed by TTC are inherently compliant – TTC only works with large cloud providers like Microsoft and Amazon who subject themselves to rigorous compliance standards. Hosting your systems in their data centers will instantly satisfy numerous compliance requirements.
  • Physical security: TTC’s Cloud providers have world-class secure data centers. Migrating your data to the cloud eliminates threats to your on-premise data infrastructure.
  • Continuous monitoring: Cloud providers use advanced tools and techniques to continuously monitor their infrastructure and services for potential threats.

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